ISTE 2014 Annual Report

Strategy, strides and successes

ISTE made great strides in 2014 thanks to the ISTE Board of Directors’ strategic leadership and by leveraging opportunities to build on our organization’s long-established strengths.

In 2013, ISTE developed and rolled out our new brand. This year was focused on bringing our brand to life. Strategic brand implementation led the development and launch of numerous exciting and innovative initiatives including a website, an online community platform, the EdTekHub, EdTekTalks, the Lead & Transform Movement and our new member magazine, entrsekt – just to name a few!

In governmental relations, we embarked on pilot work with a handful of U.S. ISTE affiliates to support state-level legislative advocacy. We also piloted a coaching program in collaboration with the Arab Bureau for Education in the Gulf States, which will lead to an Arabic-language-based professional learning program.

Our accomplishments in 2014 will continue to increase the awareness and impact of the important work that ISTE and its members do all over the world. In reflecting on the past year, we are confident that the ISTE brand has built organizational strength, focused our endeavors, refined our commitment to mission sustainability and assured that the entire ISTE community is recognized for the work it’s doing to support connected learning in a connected world.

Thank you for your support of our mission. We look forward to all that this next year has in store.

Signature of Kecia Ray
Kecia Ray
Signature of Brian Lewis
Brian Lewis
Kecia Ray and Brian Lewis
Kecia Ray, ISTE board chair, and Brian Lewis, ISTE chief executive officer

ISTE 2014

By the numbers

  • Countries represented 75
  • Exhibitor staff 4,497
  • Exhibiting companies 539
  • Record-breaking registration 16,108
  • Total Attendees 20,605

Conference audience growth highlights

  • Leadership segment: ↑30%
  • Young educator segment: ↑40%
  • Group registrations: ↑128%
  • Ed tech start-up companies: ↑33%
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ISTE volunteers make our work possible!

The SIG program has a new name

Intoducing ISTE Professional Learning Networks

Professional learning partnerships

New partners and programs in 2014


Data, functions and curriculum focus

Member primary job functions

  • Teacher/Faculty 34%
  • Tech Director/Coordinator 32%
  • Other 12%
  • Administrators 10%
  • Librarian/Media Specialist 5%
  • Consultant/Trainer 4%
  • Not Applicable 2%
  • Student 1%

Member primary curriculum focus

  • Technology Education 31%
  • Teacher Education 9%
  • English/Language Arts 10%
  • Performing Arts 2%
  • Math/Science 11%
  • Social Studies 3%
  • Vocational 1%
  • Special Education 2%
  • Not Applicable 19%
  • Other 12%

New member benefits

Professional learning series and virtual conferences

Professional learning series

  • Professional learning by members for members
  • New content weekly for 15 weeks
  • Participate live or download later!

ISTE virtual conferences

  • Twice-per-year
  • Inaugural event held February 2014 was sold out!


Join the new ISTE Advocacy Network

  • Advocacy network launch Jan. 2014 Led to a 75% traffic increase
  • The U.S. State Profiles are the most popular content in the network.
  • 3,000+ educators have voiced support of E-Rate program modernization.

New channels

Our online resources just got better

WE have lift off!

This year ISTE launched a dynamic new website; the EdTekHub, a robust online content platform; and entrsekt, a new leading-edge magazine!
Watch the video to learn more.

Lead & Transform
Introducing Entersekt!


Nine new titles published

Flipped Learning: Gateway to student engagement

Flipped Learning by Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams is the new companion book to Flip Your Classroom, which continues to be our top seller.

Visit Flip Your Classroom in our store.

More new titles

Social media

Online engagement growth

  • Our Facebook audience grew 43.33%
  • Our LinkedIn network grew 15.30%
  • We expanded our Twitter following by 32.44%
  • *More than 500,000 tweets used the hashtag #ISTE2014.
    It was a globally trending hashtag for four days!

Global impact

Collaboration and engagement around the world

ISTE members, affiliates, and collaborators are globally distributed

New collaborations

  • UNESCO ICT Competency Framework for Teachers in France
  • Coaching Standards Certificate Program with Arab Bureau of Education for
    Gulf States
  • Hosted ministry delegations at ISTE 2014 from Chile, Oman, Qatar and Saudi Arabia


2013 Fiscal year financials*

Revenue vs. expenses

  • Revenue $17,974,301
  • Expenses $16,645,694

Revenue sources

  • Conference & Expo 54.3%
  • Membership 11.8%
  • Publications/Periodicals 7.3%
  • Innovations** 18.1%
  • Corporate Relations 7%
  • Investment Income 0.8%
  • Other Revenue 0.6%

*During FY13, ISTE transitioned to a January–December fiscal year.
As such, the financials in this report are reflective of a 15-month period from 10/1/12–12/31/13.

**Innovations encompasses revenue from strategic partnerships and initiatives, online courses, webinars and Seal of Alignment sales.


Volunteer and staff

2013 Board of directors

Board Officers

  • Kecia Ray, Ed.D., board chair
  • Holly Jobe, past chair
  • Paige Johnson, treasurer
  • Mike Lawrence, secretary

Board Members

  • Arlene Borthwick, Ph.D.
  • Laurie Conzemius
  • Mila Thomas Fuller, Ed.D.
  • Betsy Goeltz, Ed.D.
  • Matt Harris, Ed.D.
  • Gwyneth Jones
  • John Keller, Ph.D.
  • Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach
  • Kathy Schrock
  • Kari Stubbs, Ph.D.
  • Mia Kim Williams, Ph.D.
  • Janet Zanetis

Leadership Team

  • Brian Lewis, MA, CAE
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Tracee Aliotti
    Chief Marketing Officer
  • Wendy Drexler, Ph.D., Ed.S.
    Chief Innovation Officer
  • Jessica Medaille
    Chief Membership Officer
  • Jodie Pozo-Olano
    Chief Communications Officer
  • Craig Thibaudeau
    Chief External Relations Officer
  • Anne Tully
    Chief Operating Officer