Ed Snow  — Member-at-Large
Ed Snow is a passionate “people first” leader with over 18 years of K-12 edtech experience. Ed believes in getting involved and is extremely humbled for the opportunity to serve ISTE as a board member. Ed has attended 12 ISTE conferences, served on advisory committees and loves helping at the help me stations.

During his time as a K-12 Technology Director, Ed was a strong advocate for student voice and choice and equity. Ed’s passion for digital equity led to him start one of Wisconsin's first district wide 1:1 programs and student cadet programs in 2013. His dedication to student voice has seen him drive students on two occasions cross country to present at ISTE (Denver, San Antonio) In addition Ed has spent many a day at our nations and Wisconsin's capital advocating for edtech funding.

Ed is extremely proud to recently start serving the state of Wisconsin as an assistant director for the instructional technology services division. Under his new role he is actively working with state leaders to solve the homework gap issue in Wisconsin. Ed holds technology degrees in customer service, networking, hardware and software, and has a bachelor’s degree in information technology.

Ed is a founding member of LETSGO-WI, a grass-roots organization of technology leaders dedicated to the art of school districts working together. He has hosted multiple edcamps and has presented at several state and international conferences, including the annual ISTE Conference & Expo, Skyward Wisconsin, Brainstorm, Skyward ICON, CoSN and the Wisconsin Educational Media & Technology Association (WEMTA)

Ed believes in fostering relationships to make a difference and encourages any ISTE member to reach out to him on Twitter @TechEdSnow


Ed Snow
Assistant Director of Instructional Technology Services
Wisconsin Department of Instruction
Resides in: Milton, WI, US


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