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Cell Phones in the Classroom

A Practical Guide for Educators
Product code: CELUSE
ISBN: 9781564842992
Published: 2011
Topics: BYOD, 1:1, Mobile learning
Audience: TeacherEducators, technology coordinators, administrators, educators
Media type: Paper
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By Liz Kolb

Bring student cell phones out of pockets and backpacks and into the learning environment. Students are walking around with incredible computing power. Their cell phones are calculators, internet browsers, video cameras, calendars, social media devices, and so much more. Why then are educators not taking advantage of these powerful, accessible, and engaging tools in the classroom? Luckily some teachers have started, and through their experiences, you too can learn how to use cell phones to broaden your students’ educational experience and increase motivation and engagement.

In Cell Phones in the Classroom, mobile learning enthusiast Liz Kolb starts out by sharing case studies that illustrate practical ways teachers and administrators from schools around the world are using cell phones for classroom projects, homework assignments, and communication with parents. She also includes resources such as sample lesson plans, tutorials for mobile-supported web 2.0 tools, strategies for involving students without cell phones, and guidance on planning and preparation. After reading through the case studies and lists of web 2.0 resources, you’ll be overflowing with ideas for your own classroom.

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Product Reviews:
“’Cell Phones in the Classroom’ is a vital read for teachers and other educators who want to turn [cell phones] into opportunity.” —The Midwest Library Review