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Course 3: Coaching with a Norm for Effective Learning

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The Coaching Academy is a series of self-paced modules.


One of the primary goals for integrating technology is to enhance learning.  But what does “enhanced” learning look like.   Answering this question is critical to Ed Tech Coaches since the answer is at the heart of what effective coaches do as they collaborate with peers.

This Learning Lab helps participants define a norm of effective learning that they can use with collaborating teachers as they work to integrate technology to enhance learning.  Participants will also learn several key communication skills designed to make collaboration with a peer more effective.  Participants will get hands on experience using the norm for effective instruction, and these communication skills, to assess a variety of relevant learning activities, as an Ed Tech Coach does.  They will explore both the strengths of these learning activities, when compared to the norm for effective learning, and learn how to improve the learning activity so that it learning becomes more and more effective. 

This Learning Lab will assist Ed Tech Coaches to develop skills in Teaching, Learning, and Assessment, and continue their Professional Growth, which are essential skills in the NETS•C Standards.   The Learning Lab is designed for K-12 educators in any subject area who want to become Educational Technology Coaches or strengthen their Coaching skills.

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Les Foltos

Bio: Les Foltos, PhD, is the founder of Peer-Ed ( He served as director of instructional technology for Seattle Public Schools and helped develop the ISTE Coaching Academy, which launched in March 2013. He is also a co-author of ISTE’s coaching white paper ( This article is adapted from his book Peer Coaching: Unlocking the Power of Collaboration (Corwin, 2013).