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I (think I) Figured Out How to Use Snapchat as an Educator!

Product code: PLS10516
Topics: Digital storytelling, Digital citizenship
Length: 30 min - 1 hr
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This webinar recording was part of the Fall 2016 ISTE Professional Learning Series.

Snapchat might be the best app ever made for educators to share their story. Not blogs. Not Twitter. Not Instagram. Snapchat… maybe.

I need to be honest—I had written it off Snapchat as a nefarious app that let kids make bad decisions. I was wrong. Unlike Instagram, you can post a series of quick photos or videos. Unlike the text-heavy interface on Twitter, Snapchat is visual. Unlike Facebook, the goal is NOT to curate your life’s work—it’s simply to share a moment.

For me, the entire Snapchat experience feels more authentic, less curated (in a good way), and fun! I feel like I tell a more complete story of how I’m integrating technology into the classroom. I feel like I’m sharing my learning and my work more frequently. I feel like I’m including more colleagues than ever before.

Presented by the ISTE Young Educators Network.


Bill Selak

Bio: All that is #EduAwesome. With (attempts at) humor. I'm a #GoogleCT & #ISTE Emerging Leader. Love #EdCamp--#EdCampLA & #EdCampSFBay planning teams. All that is #EduAwesome. With (attempts at) humor. I'm on Snapchat as billselak. I'm a #GoogleCI, #ISTE Emerging Leader, & @hillbrookschool Director of Technology. I also love #EdCamp!