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Improving Student Achievement with Classroom Badges

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Topics: Gamification
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This webinar recording is part of the Spring 2017 ISTE Professional Learning Series. It aired on April 26, 2017 at 4 Pacific, 7 Eastern.

Think about what the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts have been doing all along, recognizing mastery and achievement with badges. Teachers can do the same by recognizing student accomplishments and mastery with badges. Badges go beyond grades because they are given out at the teacher’s discretion for more than just academic achievement. Students work toward completing different badges to show mastery of a concept, standard or skill.

Presented by the ISTE Literacy Network.


Michele Haiken

Bio: Currently middle school English teacher at Rye Middle School in Rye, New York, and an adjunct professor in the Literacy Department at Manhattanville College, Dr. Haiken has been teaching for the past eighteen years. She is the author of the blog The Teaching Factor and has contributed as a guest blogger on Edutopia, Free Teach 4 Teachers, and The Nerdy Book Club. Dr. Haiken has presented at numerous conferences including the National Council of Teachers of English and Global Education Conference on topics relating to literacy, technology, and global collaboration. She is a contributor to the book Teaching Literacy in the Digital Age (ISTE: March 2014), edited by Mark Gura and facilitates the monthly #ISTELitChats on Twitter to address literacy and technology.