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1-to-1 Learning, 2nd Ed.

Laptop Programs That Work, Second Edition
Product code: LAPTO2
ISBN: 9781564842541
Published: 2009

Audience: Administrators, technology coordinators, educators (K–12), parents, teacher educators
Media type: Paper
Length: 237 Pages
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By Pamela Livingston

When all students in the classroom have a laptop, tablet, or handheld computer at their fingertips, a whole new world of instructional possibilities appears. Get ready to tap those possibilities with Pamela Livingston’s guide to 1-to-1 programs that work. You’ll find practical planning advice, case studies of successful programs, and a host of implementation resources. Livingston updates this new edition with chapters on 1-to-1 leadership, tablet PCs, and the shift toward learner-centric educational environments. Also included in the new edition is a handy resource mapping the new Web 2.0 tools to various subject areas.

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Praise for the first edition:
The Arizona Department of Education recommends 1-to-1 Learning: Laptop Programs That Work for its schools, stating, "This book will give significant help in planning and using laptops in a classroom and be of help in developing a proposal."

"A timely book...1-to-1 Learning: Laptop Programs That Work is a comprehensive resource for planning and implementing laptop programs in the classroom." —CDW-G Newsletter

"Livingston presents an organized, thorough, readable, and realistic guide for schools considering the implementation of 1-to-1 computing." —William M. Broderick, Head of School, Fort Worth Academy

"By far the most complete, concise, and well-documented resource available. I just ordered copies for everyone on our technology committee. We are preparing for a 2010 rollout of our 1-to-1 program. 1-to-1 Learning: Laptop Programs That Work will be by our sides through every step of the process." —Mitch Ward, Technology Coordinator, Carondelet High School