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ISTE 2018 recorded sessions

Enjoy access to over 40 featured sessions from ISTE 2018, exclusively for ISTE members and conference attendees! Catch sessions you missed and review your favorites. Share learnings with colleagues from your school or district. Closed caption is available.

Multi-speaker Presentations | Interactive Lectures | Panel Presentations | Lectures


Opening Keynote

Richard Culatta and Mila Thomas Fuller (Introduction)

During the opening keynote at ISTE 2018, ISTE CEO Richard Culatta discusses the new lens on digital citizenship that focuses on the do's of digital citizenship: improving your community, respectful debate, shaping public policy and recognizing the validity of online sources. He then challenges the audience to #digcitcommit.

Patricia Brown

Educator Patricia Brown presents her TED Talk on how digital media can transform the way people interact and make students come alive. Watch to learn how to have important, compassionate discussions with students on today’s tough topics.

Jennie Magiera and students Kiara Reed, Rose Rezac, Marley Rosario, Ian Brock

Educator Jennie Magiera is joined on stage by three students who are leading the charge for change in their communities. The students share their passion projects and exciting plans for how those innovations will change the future.

David Eagleman

Opening keynote speaker David Eagleman, Ph.D., is a neuroscientist, bestselling author, professor and inventor who uses his knowledge of the brain to show how you can change your thinking and find creativity in your daily life. Hear what he has to say about learning science and creativity in the classroom.

Full Opening Keynote


Opening keynote speaker, neuroscientist David Eagleman, Ph.D., is a bestselling author, professor, speaker and inventor. Eagleman uses his knowledge of the brain to not only break down how it works but to show how you can change your own thinking and find more creativity in your daily life.

Tuesday Keynote

Joseph South and Mila Thomas Fuller (Introduction)

During the Tuesday keynote at ISTE 2018, ISTE Chief Learning Officer Joseph South introduces a host of new ISTE initiatives, including the ISTE Standards for Education Leaders, ISTE Certification for Educators and ISTE U.

Luis Perez

Educator and author Luis Perez gives a powerful TED Talk about how his experience with visual impairment forced him to live between and betwixt worlds. This inspiring talk covers his journey with disability, the importance of access and the role of technology for all learners.

Andy Weir

In this question-and-answer presentation, Andy Weir, author of The Martian and a former software engineer, chats with Gillian King-Cargile, founder and director of STEM Read, about his path to publishing and the value of failure.

Michael Cohen

Educator Michael Cohen, aka The Tech Rabbi, discusses why students need time to explore and create, and how investing time in engaging with the abstract, the unknown and the unscripted leads to deep learning.

Katie Martin

Educator Katie Martin, Ph.D., shares why the education system needs to shift to focus on personalized and flexible learning that builds on students’ strengths and interests, and encourages them to solve challenging problems.

Full Tuesday Keynote

The Tuesday keynote session at ISTE 2018 features the introduction of new ISTE initiatives, an emotional TED Talk and three inspiring keynotes that touch on the importance of personalized learning, creativity, curiosity, design thinking and failing forward for all digital age learners.

Closing Keynote

Jennifer Ragan-Fore (Introduction)

ISTE Chief Events Officer Jennifer Ragan-Fore shares record-setting “fun facts” about ISTE 2018 and introduces ISTE’s new suite of regional events.

Richard Culatta and Logan Smalley

ISTE CEO Richard Culatta and Director of TED Ed Logan Smalley introduce the new TED Masterclass program, an interactive course that teaches educators how to use storytelling to share challenges, successes and inspiration from the classroom. They also share a special TED Masterclass offer for ISTE members.

Christine Klynen

Educator Christine Klynen gives a heart-warming TED Talk on why educators need to be fearless about their own professional learning and create (and run toward) PD that’s joyful.

Bill Bass and Mila Thomas Fuller

ISTE Board President Mila Thomas Fuller introduces ISTE President-Elect Bill Bass. CEO Richard Culatta joins Bass to thank Thomas Fuller for her leadership as president.

Nadia Lopez

Closing keynote speaker Nadia Lopez, Ph.D., an education leader and school founder, asks audience members to consider what possibilities they can create for students by adjusting their mindset and introducing diverse experiences within and outside of the classroom.

Full Closing Keynote

The closing keynote session at ISTE 2018 includes the announcement of new ISTE events, an inspiring educator TED Talk, the introduction of the TED Masterclass program for ISTE members and a motivating presentation by education leader and school founder Nadia Lopez.

Multi-speaker Presentations

ISTE Ignite Sessions — Round 1 with Student Ignites

Presenters: Bethany Beaudrie, Nate Butkus, John Closen, Eric Curts, Jaime Donally, Michael Espinos, Eliza Gemmill, Jen Giffen, Jennifer Javornik, Jake Lee, Diane McClellan, Vickie Morgado, Lisa Osgood, Stacy Parr, Kim Pollishuke, Pernille Ripp, Jason Trinh, Neelay Trivedi

Presenters have just five minutes and 20 slides each to share their passions in a continuous rapid-fire presentation!

ISTE Bytes - Sunday

Presenters: Dr. Sue Anderson, Joshua Bastean, Jonathan Bergmann, Jaime Donally, Rachelle Galang, Cara Hagen, Lisa Johnson, Michael Kosko, Daniel Mares, Dayson Pasion, Kelly Sain, Dave Sands, Katy Noelle Scott, Bill Selak, Jennifer Sidlow, Shelagh St. Laurent, Dr. Anastasia Trekles

Join an ISTE Bytes session to get a preview of future presentations from the ISTE program. Enjoy two-minute presentations on upcoming sessions.

ISTE Bytes - Monday

Presenters: Carrie Baughcum, Patricia Bitteker, Rebecca Buckhoff, Chris Carnahan, Lisa Castaneda, Casey Cohen, Michael Cohen, Richard Colosi, Steve Dembo, Carmella Doty, Dave Eisenmann, Leslie Fisher, Kara Gann, Wendy Gorton, Tim Harder, Naomi Harm, Renee Henderson, Brianna Hodges, Carl Hooker, Fatima Jibril, Kim LeClaire, Brandon Lutz, Jared Mader, Sylvia Martinez, Kecia Ray, Mark Ray, Mitchel Resnick, Nathan Schreiber, MaryBeth Sepelyak, Scott Snyder, Billy Spicer, Mia Kim Williams, Kristin Ziemke

ISTE Bytes session that includes a preview of future presentations from the ISTE program. Enjoy two-minute presentations on upcoming sessions.

Global Student Voice Film Festival

Presenters: Ian Coon, Christopher Cortes, Quang Dinh, Camilla Gagliolo, Claire Genter, Raven Ginez, Dylan Ginez, Jose Gonzalez, Madison James, Payton Kozlowski, Charlie Le, Jennie Magiera, Seneca Mohr, Weston Mui, Kiran Patel, Caleb Rackley, Trinity Schley, Dr. Mark Wagner

Come see the winning films from the Global Student Voice Film Fest and hear from the student filmmakers themselves! K-12 Students were invited to create two-minute films highlighting empathy by responding to the theme “In Another’s Shoes.” Join us to celebrate the films, student voice and to get inspired!

ISTE Ignite Sessions — Round 2

Presenters: Kyle Bowen, John Closen, Nick Cusumano, Shaelynn Farnsworth, Mandy Froehlich, Quinton Henderson, Becky Keene, Nathan Lang, Bonnie McClelland, Robert Ruff, Brandon Smith, Amy Tong, Brian Wise

The second round in the series of ISTE Ignite sessions. Presenters will have just five minutes and 20 slides each to share their passions in a continuous rapid-fire presentation.

Full Opening Keynote with David Eagleman, Ph.D.

Presenters: Richard Culatta (Introduction), Patricia Brown (24:25), Jennie Magiera and students Kiara Reed, Rose Rezac, Marley Rosario, Ian Brock (37:06), David Eagleman (56:29)

The ISTE 2018 opening keynote session is jam packed with learning, including ISTE CEO Richard Culatta on the do’s of digital citizenship, a TED Talk on engaging students with digital media and a keynote address from neuroscientist David Eagleman, Ph.D.

ISTE Bytes - Tuesday

Presenters: Gayle Berthiaume, Jeff Bradbury, Jessica Cabeen, Dr. Rhonda Christensen, Rico D'Amore, Vicki Davis, Carl Hooker, Gerald Knezek, Jennifer Lehotsky, David Lockhart, Jennie Magiera, James McCrary, Kim Pollishuke, Dr. Julene Reed, Dr. Mike Ribble, Kenneth Shelton, Ben Smith, Sean Wybrant, Mike Yakubovsky

Join an ISTE Bytes session to get a preview of future presentations from the ISTE program. Enjoy two-minute presentations on upcoming sessions.

ISTE 1-in-3 Sessions — Round 2

Presenters: Juliet Boone, Angela Burgess, Tara Chudoba, Sylvia Duckworth, Aaron Gierhart, Kristina Holzweiss, Caitlin Krause, Jullia Suhyoung Lim, Alexis Mabe, Chantell Manahan, Mike McGowan, Betsy Minton, Jessica Moore, Silvia Scuracchio, Micah Shippee, Bryan Wilson

Don't miss this presentation featuring 18 presenters, each with just three minutes to share their best technology integration moment.

ISTE Ignite Sessions – Young Educators

Presenters: Caitlyn Distler, Stephanie Filardo, Roshni Lakhi, Jennifer LaRocque, Caitlin McLemore, Adrianne Rose, Nicole Rubin, Brad Shreffler, Jonathan Spike, Allison Starling, Shane White

This final round in the series of ISTE Ignite sessions features the stories of young educators. Presenters will have just five minutes and 20 slides each to share their passions in one continuous rapid-fire presentation.

Interactive lectures

Let's MAKE a Deal!

Presenters: Adam Bellow, Jennifer Bond, Steve Dembo, Sherry Gick, Michael Medvinsky, Nicholas Provenzano, Mary Wever

Brush up on your maker knowledge. See demonstrations of exemplary maker experiences from leaders within the maker movement, while members of the audience try to avoid the dreaded ZONK!

Girls CAN Code

Presenter: Tara Linney

Bridging the gender gap has been one of the most important issues in our current world. We can help to empower young girls by getting more girls interested in computer programming! Learn how to implement best practices for facilitating the understanding of gender equity in computer programming without being a professional programmer.

Integrating Making Into Your School and Classroom

Presenter: Mark Schreiber

How do you effectively integrate making into more subjects within your school? This practical resource-loaded session will highlight projects like an interactive touch-sensitive historical quilt and technological sculptures, and will also delve into maker assessments, faculty buy-in, integration methods and how to assess a maker project.

Best Practices for Evaluating Mobile Learning: Real Stories from Around the Globe

Presenter: Dr. Julie A. Evans

The pervasiveness of mobile devices in the classroom demands that education leaders think differently about how to evaluate their impact on student learning and teacher productivity. Using projects from around the globe, we examine new approaches for measuring value and demonstrating return on investment for your stakeholders.

Amazing Must-Have Google Add-Ons, Tips and Tricks and Features You Never Knew

Presenter: Bret Gensburg

Not your typical Google Apps or add-ons session. We explore hidden secrets and many of the best must-have add-ons we've discovered. These will change the way you work, share, collaborate, communicate and save time.

Designing Multidimensional Learning Environments: Leveraging Content, Community and Context

Presenter: William Rankin, PhD

Often, past technological limitations shape today’s teaching approaches, limiting the responsiveness, inclusivity and personalization of the educational systems we build. For those wishing to reach beyond content delivery, this presentation offers a model for leveraging context and community supported by technology to create a productive, multidimensional learning environment for all.

Tasks Before Apps: Designing Rigorous Learning in a Tech-Rich Classroom

Presenter: Monica Burns

The purposeful design of tech-rich learning experiences can enhance classroom collaboration and honor curiosity in the context of creation experiences for students. This interactive session will explore how, with thoughtful planning and purposeful connection to learning objectives, students can become creators in your classroom as they explore any subject.

The Edtech Lip Sync Battle

Presenters: Brianna Hodges, Carl Hooker

Watch this showdown of edtech gurus as they battle it out on stage! The challenge — successfully “lip sync” a series of edtech tools and strategies with a mix of musical genres in a winner-take-all match!

Creating Future Ready Schools

Presenter: Tom Murray

Schools across the nation are transforming into ones that are Future Ready, revamping such aspects as professional learning, learning spaces and community partnerships, among others. This session will inspire leaders and provide a framework and free tools to transform schools into ones that better prepare students for their tomorrow.

Getting Started with Stations-Based Instruction: Meeting the Needs of All Learners

Presenter: Kelly Hines

Looking for ways to get started with stations-based instruction, no matter the grade or subject? We dive into how to bridge hands-on activities with digital resources and cross-curricular activities that foster the four C’s. Session includes lesson and implementation ideas that are ready to use and share.

The Stupidest Trends in Edtech (And Why They're Actually Quite Awesome)

Presenters: Steve Dembo, Phil Hintz, Carl Hooker, Felix Jacomino, Andy Marcinek, Adam Phyall, Andrew Wallace

There are many technology trends that seem asinine at first but become incredibly popular. What is about certain technologies that turn them into viral sensations? From Twitter chats to badging, Pinterest to Pokemon, we'll explore weird, ridiculous and stupidly awesome trends ... and how they can make your classroom more awesome!

Learner-Centered Innovation: Creating Experiences That Ignite Passion and Unleash Genius

Presenter: Dr. Katie Martin

When we tell learners to complete an assignment, we get compliance. When we empower learners to explore and make an impact, we inspire innovators. Let’s explore evidence-based practices to create environments where all learners are empowered and shift practices in schools to meet the demands of the evolving world.

The Mad Scientist vs.The Mad Maker

Presenters: Colleen Graves, Nicholas Provenzano

"The Nerdy Teacher," aka Nicholas Provenzano, and maker teacher librarian, aka Colleen Graves, lead an interactive session exploring and experimenting with maker and STEAM ideas that will help you explore curriculum connections.

Personalized Learning for Educators: The PD Your Teachers Deserve

Presenters: Michele Eaton, Andy Marcinek

To support innovation in classrooms, professional learning should model similar instructional techniques. This session covers best practices for face-to-face, blended and online implementation, strategies for success and tips for overcoming common obstacles. By shifting the way we implement professional learning, we can ensure transformative digital age learning happens.

Educational Podcasting Today ... Kicking Your Class Up to 11

Presenters: Jeff Bradbury, Michael Cohen

Are you looking to take Blooms, SAMR and the four C's up a notch in your classroom? In this energetic, audience-driven, interactive session, you'll learn about the importance of digital media production and will have the opportunity to create your own podcast to take back to your students.

Visual Storytelling and Visual Literacy: A Spotlight on Creative Visual Expression

Presenter: Kenneth Shelton

Our world is surrounded by still and moving imagery. This imagery offers everything from information to storytelling. We'll examine a myriad of ways we can incorporate visual learning to support visual literacy, media literacy, visual fluency and creativity across the curriculum.

ISTE Hackathon 2018 Student Share

Presenter: Rico D'Amore and Kimberly Lobitz

The 2018 ISTE Hackathon, an innovation marathon for students, took place at ISTE 2018. Watch to learn about students' solutions and prototypes created during the hackathon.

3D Printing to Improve Performance in Math and Science Courses

Presenter: Mike Yakubovsky

Learn how students use 3D printing to help math and science teachers across the district increase learning opportunities in their classrooms. In the project, learners met with teachers, developed 3D printed solutions, then completed a multi-touch book to help other teachers replicate this project in their own classes.


Beyond the Hour of Code

Presenter: Alice Steinglass

Computer science is the fastest growing subject in schools today. Join the president of to learn about why it's so important to our students' futures in the 21st century and explore practical steps you can take to equitably implement computational thinking and computer science in your curriculum.

The Zombie Apocalypse: Applying the MDA Gamification Framework to Classroom PBL

Presenter: Joshua Bastean

The term "gamification" has reached the status of buzzword, leading to a great deal of misinformation. This session focuses on using the Mechanics-Dynamics-Aesthetics (MDA) game design framework to create an engaging, student-centered, problem-based learning experience focused on student inquiry and innovation.

Celebrating the Very Best of Edupreneurship

Presenters: Steve Dembo, Adam Bellow

We're in a golden age of invention and innovation. Every day, we're dazzled by inspiring products, apps, ideas and movements, many crafted by teacher and student entrepreneurs. This session shares spectacular successes (and a few epic failures) from those daring individuals committed to bringing great ideas to life.

Mining Treasures in CSR: Timely, Curriculum-based, Free!

Presenter: Hall Davidson

Through corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs, great companies build great resources for schools that are meaningful and entirely free. Dynamic tools for STEM, financial literacy, environmental education, social-emotional learning, life skills, computational thinking and more. Lessons/modules by grade level/theme. Materials, links, information from Toyota, 3M, DEA, NFL and more.

The Google you Might Not Know About

Presenter: Leslie Fisher

Discover some of Google’s more obscure yet cool and handy apps, sites and solutions in this part silly-story, part resource-discovery session. You'll also hear some stories about Google’s early days and discover some of the unique things that make Google, well, Google!

The Group Smackdown (If Smacking Was Like a Hug From a Unicorn)

Presenter: Leslie Fisher

Doing something cool and amazing in your classroom, school, district, etc. that you want to share with others? Simply have a great gadget you want to share that you think would make an educators life better? Have a desire to learn from others? This session is for you!

Introducing Scratch 3.0: The New Standard for Creating With Code

Presenters: Champika Fernando, Mitchel Resnick, Natalie Rusk

Leaders from the MIT Scratch Team will introduce Scratch 3.0, the next generation of the world's largest coding platform for kids. Learn how new Scratch collaborations with Google, LEGO, micro:bit and others are opening new possibilities for all students to express themselves creatively through coding.

Websites, Apps and More!

Presenter: Leslie Fisher

Get an introduction to a host of free, affordable and cool solutions, including websites, apps and tools, that you can discover today and start using in your classroom tomorrow.

Panel presentations

Students Won’t Stop Fact-Checking Me: Teach Kids To Read News Critically

Presenters: Bill Selak, Vicki Davis, Amanda Dykes, Scott Bedley

It's more important than ever to teach kids how to read news critically. This session covers strategies for evaluating online resources and discusses media fluency to make sure students know which sources to trust and which to reject. Also addressed are fake articles, photos and videos.

Kings of Collaboration

Presenters: Sean Forde, Ralph Krauss, Peter Paccone, Janet Zanetis

Meet three educators devoted to connecting their students to people and places from around the world. Each covers a different grade level and interest focus, but all use powerful web-based tools that allow their students to interact with others in real time.

Ditch That Panel: Different, Innovative, Tech-Laden, Creative, Hands-on Teaching

Presenters: Sean Fahey, Rayna Freedman, Krista Harmsworth, Tara Martin, Dr. Lance McClard, Matt Miller, Evan Mosier, Sandy Otto, Mandi Tolen

These educators have embraced DITCH-style teaching and learning: Different, Innovative, Tech-laden, Creative and Hands-on. From a variety of perspectives (teacher, coach, admin, etc.), they'll discuss practical lesson ideas, issues around DITCH-style teaching, promoting classroom change and more.

Where All Students Love to Write: Digital Writing Strategies for Every Learner

Presenters: Kristin Ziemke, Rusal Alrubail, Chris Lehman

Digital creation tools, paired with best-practices for writing instruction, can unleash the writer in every student! This jam-packed session marries teaching strategies with innovative tools to build voice and authenticity. From poets to procrastinators, this session will give all students a reason to fall in love with writing.

Leveraging Technology for Action on Real-World Challenges: Collaboration for Changing Climates

Presenters: Michael Furdyk, Terrance Godwaldt, Emily Henderson, Alysa Mccall, Mark Nichols, Julene Reed, Kyle Schutt

Today's youth are faced with challenges, but we can empower students to take action and make a difference on important topics such as climate change. Learn how you can implement authentic real-world projects that inspire your students through the collaborative efforts of multiple organizations and leveraging technology.

Get Goog-Smacked: An Epic Smackdown of G Suite Tools and Teaching Tips

Presenters: Kasey Bell, Eric Curts, Vicki Davis, Matt Miller

Join a high-energy panel of Google Suite pros to learn about best practices and tips from K-12. During this smackdown, panelists share at least 50 tips and examples of how to use G Suite tools across all subject areas and grade levels, including some of the latest innovations.