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The Role of Electronic Portfolios in the Hiring of K–12 Teachers

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Publication type: Journal Article
JCTE, 2007; 24(2): 65-71


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This mixed-method study explored the perspectives of principals involved in the hiring process of K–12 teachers in one Midwestern state. Partici-pants’ survey data was used to examine the pros and cons of portfolios, to determine preferences in portfolio contents and electronic delivery method, and to investigate what predictors significantly relate to participants’ use of electronic portfolios. Findings for the benefits and limitations of employ-ment portfolios show consistencies with past studies and one additional benefit—evaluating a candidate’s organizational skills. Viewing video clips of candidates interacting with children received favorable reviews by participants with more than 64% of the participants desiring to see such an artifact. Using a DVD as a potential electronic delivery method was also revealed to be a desirable alternative to CD’s although URL’s were most preferred. Finally, principals’ past use of electronic portfolios and years of experience as hiring officials were found to be statistically significant predictors of future electronic portfolio use.