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Decision Making in the Process of Differentiation

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Publication type: Journal Article
Citation:  LLT,2005; 33(1) 8-10


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How do classroom teachers balance daily activities with the management of the data they collect? Annual student profi le information is collected through standardized testing, allowing for and supporting larger curriculum- level decisions. It is a piece of what educators need to know about stu-dents. Oft en, classroom teachers col-lect the other pieces. Th ese pieces oft en prove to be the most relevant data in education. Correlating pre- and post-assessments to performance indicators, student learning profi les, or anecdotal records allows educators to visualize the larger picture of what each student knows and is able to do. Th is type of data demonstrates levels of mastery on particular concepts assisting classroom teachers in making curricular deci-sions. Th e most daunting aspect of this is the time that it takes to prepare, implement, analyze, and apply day-to-day data. Enter technology.