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Creating a Differentiated Classroom

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Publication type: Journal Article
Citation:  LLT,2005; 33(1) 12-15


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The personal ancedote (op-posite), How Failure Made a Diff erence, illustrates a very simple, yet oft en overlooked truth about our students; they are not all the same. A committed educator not only accepts students’ diff erences but also acts on them by diff erentiating his or her instructional practices. Th is means that diff erentiating instruction is not something we do on Fridays; it is what we do every day in the classroom so that every student’s learning needs are met. According to well-respected DI proponent Carol Ann Tomlinson, diff erentiation “occurs as teach-ers become increasingly profi cient in understanding their students as individuals, increasingly comfortable with the meaning and structure of the disciplines they teach, and increasingly expert at teaching fl exibly in order to match instruction to student need with the goal of maximizing the potential of each learner in a given area.”