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No Access, No Use, No Impact:Snapshot Surveys of EducationalTechnology In K–12

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Publication type: Journal Article
Citation:  JRTE, 2003; 36(1): 15-27


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There is general agreement that computing technologies have not had a significant impacton teaching and learning in K–12 in the U.S., even though billions of dollars have beenspent in purchasing, equipping, and supporting the technology. Some critics of school tech-nology use this situation to push their position that technology is not appropriate for chil-dren. Others put the failure on the backs of classroom teachers. However, based on the datawe collected administering the Snapshot Survey in districts large and small around thecountry to approximately 4,000 K–12 classroom teachers, the reason that technology hasnot had an impact on teaching and learning is that students have, for all intents andpurposes, not actually used the technology. Furthermore, the reason for this non-use lies notat the feet of the teachers, but rather in the very real lack of access to the technology. Havingone computer in the classroom is not access, nor will it lead to significant student use.Frankly, technology can’t have an impact if children have not had the opportunity to accessand use the technology.