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Getting Started with LEGO Robotics

A Guide for K–12 Educators
Product code: ROBOTS
ISBN: 9781564842985
Published: 2011
Topics: STEM & STEAM, Robotics
Audience: Educators(K–12), administrators (K–12), technology coordinators
Media type: Paper

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Mark Gura

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a golden ticket to STEM education? Something that incorporated science, technology, math, and the most elusive of all, engineering? What if it could be applied as part of a lesson, as a class on its own, or as an after-school club? Sound too good to be true? It’s not. The golden ticket is robotics. It’s hard to find a better way to teach STEM education. And the best part is it’s hands on, multidisciplinary, collaborative, an authentic learning experience, and engaging! LEGO Robotics has exploded in popularity, but despite the obvious benefits, many educators are hesitant to begin a program in their school because it seems challenging. Mark Gura has written this book to encourage you to give robotics a try.

Although starting a robotics program may seem like a daunting task, Gura brings together the information you need and presents it in a manageable, organized way so that you learn what LEGO Robotics is, what student activities look like, how to begin, how to manage a class, how robotics relate to standards, and much more. Gura concludes with more than a dozen interviews with educators, trainers, and even a student, so you can receive first-hand advice and recommendations. After reading this book you will be on your way to introducing your students to LEGO Robotics activities and competitions!


  • A comprehensive introduction to LEGO Robotics, from a description of the materials to advice on classroom setup and curricular integration.
  • Recommendations for implementing LEGO Robotics—as a FIRST LEGO League team, an extracurricular club, or a class.
  • An appendix with more than 100 resources including links to materials.
  • Information on getting started, videos, and more.

About the Author

Mark Gura has been an educator for more than three decades. He works with Touro College, Fordham University, and other organizations to promote the use of technology to provide highly motivating, relevant activities for students. Gura's books include Visual Arts Units for All Levels and Getting Started with LEGO Robotics.