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PLN: Building Your Global Connection Network

Product code: EVTIP10406
Published: 04/06/2011
Topics: Coding & robotics, Professional learning, Computational thinking, Makerspaces, Literacies, Digital citizenship, Digital storytelling
Length: approximately 60 minutes
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You walk into the room and they are all there. The greatest resource people in the world, educational professionals, lecturers, visionaries, innovators, and authors. You start conversations with them and they can be as long or as short as you want, and as in-depth as you have time for. Then you discuss ways to teach various concepts, learn about resources that others are using, or maybe even have conversations that challenge the way you think about education and teaching.

This is what a P.L.N. (Personal Learning Network) is all about.

Join our session and find out how to get stated, how to create the PLN, software to use and who to invite. How to learn from others and share. Participants will learn how to meet and communicate with people in a PLN that you will create. Discover why Ning's are like subject area resource rooms in a large school. They’re social networks connecting teachers with common interests. Connect to discussion forums, utilize a blog, share resources, and plan group activities. Learn how to attend a conference Virtually. Online sessions and summaries allow you to be there in spirit even when it’s impossible to be there in body. You can locate conference sessions and then view archived the videos available on the website.

Workshop participants can share updates with teachers not at the conference, to ask questions during panel discussions. We will demonstrate 5 PLN's that include, Classroom 2.0, Educators PLN, ProTeacher, Teachers.net, and Global Education Network. Discover how educators around the world are willing to share their ideas/information back and forth, provide creative and refreshing new ideas; get advice from a very supportive group. and a great place to meet teachers from all over the country.


Howie DiBlasi

Bio: Dr. Howie DiBlasi has extensive experience as an educator (20 years), business leader (10 years) and Technology Director (14 years). He has presented at more than 50 conferences, both locally to internationally. He is a recognized leader and has extensive hands-on experience in the areas of Digital Technology, multimedia, Interactive Video Conferencing and 21st Century Learning. He is a Master Certified Trainer and has received certification from two national certification organizations. In a recent article for e-school news, Kathie Ivy wrote, “His TCEA workshop was one of the most dynamic conference presentations I have attended in some 30 years. Howie is charged with energy, willing to share, and open to suggestions.”