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A Constructivist Approach to the NETS for Teachers

Product code: CONNET
ISBN: 9781564843135
Published: 2012
Topics: Standards
Audience: PreserviceTeachers, administrators (K–12), educators (K–12), teacher educators
Media type: Paper
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By V. N. Morphew

Preservice and prospective teachers need to be ready to use technology when they enter the classroom. V. N. Morphew has written A Constructivist Approach to the NETS•T to help these future educators be able to effectively integrate technology in learning and teaching. Each chapter addresses one of ISTE’s digital age standards for teachers through a constructivist lens. Practicing teachers of all experience levels will also benefit from this valuable resource.

Each chapter examines one digital age standard from a constructivist viewpoint; explorations provide assignment ideas and are based on research that represents best practices, are practical, and can be easily incorporated into the classroom

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