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Peer Coaches, the Key to Integrating Technology

Product code: EVTIPCOCH
Topics: Learning spaces, Professional learning, Technology infrastructure, Tools, Parent engagement, Computational thinking, Mobile learning, Online learning, Flipped learning, Curriculum, BYOD, Assessment
Length: approximately 60 minutes
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What does integrating technology effectively into classroom learning really mean? How can Peer Coaches help you become more effective at integrating technology? Participants in this learning activity will actively discuss these issues, and explore resources that the Peer Coaching program uses to help teachers integrate technology in ways that enrich and enhance learning.

Audience: Teachers, Administrators, Tech Directors
Audience Level 2 : Intermediate


Les Foltos

Bio: Les Foltos, PhD, is the founder of Peer-Ed (peer-ed.com). He served as director of instructional technology for Seattle Public Schools and helped develop the ISTE Coaching Academy, which launched in March 2013. He is also a co-author of ISTE’s coaching white paper (iste.org/learn/coachingwhite-paper). This article is adapted from his book Peer Coaching: Unlocking the Power of Collaboration (Corwin, 2013).