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Global Education

Using Technology to Bring the World to Your Students
Product code: GLOBAL
ISBN: 9781564842589
Published: 2009
Expected publication date: 07/2016

Audience: Educators(K–12), library media specialists, teacher educators, administrators, professional development specialists
Media type: Paper
Length: 166 Pages
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By Laurence Peters

Eleventh grade students in Bangladesh exchange video interviews with 10th-grade students in Georgia. High schoolers in Illinois learn Japanese, Hebrew, Latin, Spanish, French, and German using online discussions with counterparts from many different countries. Students from around the world research endangered animal species from their areas and publish their findings to a shared website. Connecting globally through advances in Internet technology, including Web 2.0 tools, can now be a reality for any student in any classroom.

As our local communities reflect more of the world's diversity, students need to be prepared to communicate with and relate to individuals from different countries and cultures. Integrating global education into standards-based lessons allows students to connect personally with their peers across geographical boundaries, expand their knowledge and awareness of the world, and increase their interest and curiosity in what they are learning. Global Education is a guide to get you started. It provides an introduction to global networks such as iEarn, Global Schoolhouse, and ePals; an overview of Web 2.0 tools that support global learning, such as wikis, blogs, and podcasts; and hundreds of Web resources. No matter the grade level or subject area, Global Education's numerous examples, case studies, and lesson plans will provide you with ideas and inspiration for bringing your students the world.


  • A sampling of global education projects from around the world
  • A glossary and lists of hundreds of global education resources
  • Historical perspectives on global education

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Product Reviews:
"A valuable resource for [K-12 classroom teachers]." —Educational Technology
"From Ning to ePals [Peters] shares the nuts and bolts of applying many new tools with real kids and schools. Unlike many similar books, [Global Education] addresses elementary and middle schools." —Merry Merryfield, Professor in social studies and global education, Ohio State University
"Over the past 50 years, we have seen dramatic shifts in the knowledge and skills that are required to be successful in this world. Fueled in large measure by the proliferation of information and communication technologies, successful students must not only master foundational academic content, they must develop a broader and richer understanding of the world they will help to shape. Global Education is an essential companion for teachers, students and parents who want to leverage the power of web-based technologies to foster a deeper understanding of what it means to live and learn in an interconnected world." Margaret Honey, President and CEO, New York Hall of Science
"There is little question our society faces an economic imperative for greater global understanding to compete in today’s “flat” economy. But we also have a security imperative to better understand other peoples and hopefully be better understood. Laurence Peter’s new book is a compelling resource for educators who want to redefine 21st century learning with global awareness. Every educator, parent and policymaker should be focused on how we start this conversation." —Keith R. Krueger, CEO, Consortium for School Networking (CoSN)