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Teacher as Architect, Second Edition

Instructional Design and Delivery for the Modern Teacher
Product code: MODERN
ISBN: 9780983886228
Published: 2014
Topics: Curriculum
Length: 373 pages
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Shawn K. Smith, Ann M. Chavez, Garrett W. Seaman

In this thoughtful book authors Smith, Chavez, and Seaman define the blueprint for blended learning and curriculum design with a focused and seamless integration of 21st century technologies that better serve 21st century learners. Teacher as Architect Second Edition takes readers on an engaging and enriching journey that:

Connects the isolated parts of instructional design and delivery into a coherent whole

Provides a comprehensive guide and the blueprint for blended learning implementation

Supports the implementation of digital learning systems into classroom practice

Creates structures for organizing, managing, storing, and collaborating with digital content

Offers practical, useful tools for teachers to design and deliver highly-effective instruction built to the specs of the Conceptual Age