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ISBN: 9781564843845

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The ISTE Standards for Students booklet is your guide to ISTE’s leading-edge standards that empower learners who live, work and play in a technology-infused world. These standards amplify learning and empower student voice, preparing today's learners for the new literacies they face.

The Student Standards are presented amid content that defines and characterizes them, and answers the important question: What do the ISTE Standards for Students look like in practice?

This booklet includes:

  • The ISTE Standards for Students with concept definitions and examples.
  • Nine scenarios describing authentic learning activities that build Student Standards skills.
  • Skills by age band to support the design of learning activities at each level.
  • A crosswalk comparing the ISTE Standards for Students (2016) to the 2007 Student Standards.
  • A prerequisite foundational technology skills scope and sequence document.

The family of ISTE Standards work in concert to support students, educators and leaders with clear guidelines on the skills, knowledge and approaches needed to succeed in the digital age.

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