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The Technology Coordinator's Handbook, Third Edition

Revised and Expanded
Product code: TCHAN3
ISBN: 9781564843883
Published: 2017
Topics: 1:1, Technology infrastructure, Education leadership
Length: 256 pages

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By Max Frazier & Doug Hearrington

The technology coordinator can be seen as the orchestrator in the school or district, able to balance technology policies and procedures with device-specific requirements, locate funding and support, and facilitate ongoing training and support. In a time when technology is constantly changing, the technology coordinator adapts and stays abreast of the latest developments.

In this new edition of the highly respected Technology Coordinator’s Handbook, Max Frazier and co-author Doug Hearrington expand the scope of this practical guide to include:

New processes for technical support and technology lifecycle management.
Considerations for BYOD programs.
Practical advice on the implementation of cloud computing services.
Profiles and job descriptions of technology coordinators and district leaders.

About the Authors

Max Frazier has more than 35 years of experience working in schools. He has served as a middle school teacher, university instructor, educational technology specialist and technology coordinator. He received a doctorate in educational administration and leadership at Kansas State University and is currently an associate professor in the School of Education at Newman University in Wichita, Kansas.

Doug Hearrington is a knowledgeable educational technologist who is passionate about the transformative promise of technology and the power of research to foster change. Hearrington's 23 years of experience in education and educational technology, including a doctoral degree in the field, give him a unique ability to bridge research and practice.