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Making Technology Standards Work for You, 2nd Ed.

A Guide to the NETS•A for School Administrators with Self-Assessment Activities, Second Edition
Product code: MATEC2
ISBN: 9781564842534
Published: 2009

Audience: Administrators
Media type: Paper
Length: 285 Pages
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By Susan Brooks-Young

A tightly-organized guide—designed to be used with ISTE’s National Educational Technology Standards for Administrators (NETS•A)—this new edition of Making Technology Standards Work for You provides educational leaders with tools and resources for creating both a vision and a process for school reform. Susan Brooks-Young’s update of her classic work remains the definitive guide for the progressive educational leader looking to effectively leverage the potential of technology to enhance student learning.

Organized in chapters devoted to single aspects of technology leadership such as planning, curriculum and instruction, assessment, staff development, legal and social issues, and more, the book provides clear and specific directions for the unique concerns of campus-level, district-level, and superintendent- or cabinet-level leaders, with easy-to-follow charts and tables containing detailed task assignments. This new edition also features a rigorous refresh of the wealth of references and resources for each standard, as well as a thoughtful discussion of how the roles of administrators and other leaders affect both teacher and student performance in the context of ISTE’s recently refreshed NETS for Students and NETS for Teachers. The new edition also incorporates the activities from Self-Assessment Activities for School Administrators, previously sold separately. The multiple self-assessment activities in each chapter make this a truly complete and indispensable reference and workbook for every educator in a leadership position as well as those preparing to assume one.