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Got (the) Word? Scaffolding the Ladder to Success with Cognitive Rescaling

Product code: EVTIPWORD
Topics: Coding & robotics, Augmented reality, Gamification, Professional learning, Technology infrastructure, Tools, Computational thinking, Makerspaces, Gaming, Online learning, Flipped learning, Digital citizenship, Digital storytelling, BYOD, Assessment, 1:1
Length: approximately 60 minutes
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Got (the) Word? It’s “cognitive rescaling!” Did you know that the difficulty of information can be altered to address each pillar of universal design for learning (CAST, 2011) using MS Word and free internet downloads? Break out of the one-size-fits-all mentality of curriculum, instruction, and assessment using digital technologies that alter the cognitive difficulty of information to provide multiple means of representation, action and expression, and engagement (CAST, 2011). In 2002, Edyburn coined the term “cognitive rescaling,” defining it “as a process of altering the cognitive difficulty of information,” changing the “cognitive challenge in understanding the information.” Using Microsoft Office tools in novel ways, it is possible to design or transform curriculum and instruction with the scaffolds and supports needed to ensure that all learners have access to knowledge. Every educator can produce technology-enhanced digital text with readily available software and free internet downloads. Students can also be taught to alter the amount, cognitive challenge, and appearance of text as a form of self-advocacy using common MS Office features. Learn valuable strategies for transforming learning environments with technology through screen-sharing. Additional information, and follow-up consultation available through www.lcps.org/at. Start using these strategies tomorrow!

Audience: All
Audience Level 4: General