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Co-Creating with Elementary? Flat Classrooms Can!

Product code: EVTIP13TECH
Published: 08/21/2013
Topics: Coding & robotics, Augmented reality, Gamification, Professional learning, Computational thinking, Personalized learning, Project-based learning, Robotics, Assistive and adaptive technologies, STEM & STEAM, Makerspaces, Literacies, Gaming, Digital citizenship, Digital storytelling
Length: approx. 60 min.
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Teachers and schools can create opportunities by flattening the classroom walls and bringing in the outside world. Instead of merely reading about different cultures, students can experience them firsthand with technology! Learn to create projects that will connect students from all over the world.

Audience: Parents, Teachers, Administrators, Tech Coord.

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Julie Lindsay

Bio: Julie has led the way in global education and technology-infused connections and collaborations across six countries including Africa, Asia and the Middle East. She is is now based back in Australia as a consultant, presenter and workshop leader and is currently Director of Learning Confluence and Founder of Flat Connections. She is also co-author of Flattening Classrooms, Engaging Minds: Move to Global Collaboration One Step at a Time, Pearson 2012. Julie is a highly effective and sought-after educational consultant due to her ability to understand different global contexts and to bring experience and opportunities to others through her passion for learning and ‘teacherpreneur’ approach. She is adept at designing and customizing learning experiences for all ages, including cutting edge events such as the groundbreaking Flat Connections Conference that includes both students and educators learning and working together. She is an ADE (Apple Distinguished Educator), a Google Certified Teacher and currently an ISTE Ambassador and former ISTE International Representative on the Board of Directors; and a member of the Leadership team for both the Learning 2.012 Conference in Beijing 2012 and the Global Education Conference 2010-14. Julie is working on her EdD with the University of Southern Queensland with a focus on effective pedagogy for collaboration.