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Personalized Learning

A Guide for Engaging Students with Technology
Product code: PLEARN
ISBN: 9781564843524
Published: 2014
Topics: Personalized learning, Standards, Tools, 1:1
Length: 200 pages
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Peggy Grant and Dale Basye

With personalized learning, teachers and students are more empowered to take charge of the education experience. This approach transforms learning environments, turning them into dynamic communities of practice populated with connected learners taking advantage of digital tools. Underwritten with support from IntelĀ® Education, Personalized Learning features examples of what learning looks like at different grade levels and learners when the unique needs of students drive the process. The book concludes with a step-by-step guide for planning a school-wide personalized learning initiative. The hands-on planning and evaluation tools make this an excellent resource for teachers and administrators, both individuals and entire schools and districts.

Features of the book include:

  • Examples of what personalized learning looks like at different grade levels and for different learners
  • A look at how personalization of learning activities can help meet Common Core and ISTE Standards
  • Comparison of tools and technologies, criteria for choosing a device
  • Guided planning process for implementing a one-to-one personalized learning initiative
  • Surveys, checklists, and other evaluation tools