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Flipped Learning Bundle

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Audience: Educators(4–12), policy makers, teacher educators
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Flipped learning can work for any teacher in any classroom — the trick is to discover how to do it your way. These two titles give you everything you need to know to bring this powerful movement to your classroom. In the best-selling Flip Your Classroom, learn how to plan for and carry out flipping your classroom—from laying the groundwork to posting your first video—and go on to implement the Flipped Mastery model. In Flipped Learning, learn firsthand how flipping your classroom can truly transform teaching and learning. Hear from educators who share how and why they flipped their classrooms, transforming them into vibrant learning communities.

Ready to get started? Once you flip, you won't go back!

Flipped Learning Bundle Contents
Flip Your Classroom

Flip Your Classroom (FLIPPR)

Flipped LearningFlipped Learning (FLPNEW) 1$22.99