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Integrating Technology in the Classroom

Tools to Meet the Needs of Every Student
Product code: DIGELE
ISBN: 9781564843456
Published: 2015
Topics: Curriculum, Technology infrastructure
Audience: Educators(K–6), technology coordinators, curriculum specialists, educators (6–8)
Length: 298 pages
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By Boni Hamilton

Good educators aspire to meet the needs of their students. Find out how integrating technology can help! Choosing from a wide array of available technologies, you can find tools that fit your unique teaching style and curricular goals, while engaging your students.

In Integrating Technology in the Classroom, author Boni Hamilton guides you through hundreds of digital tools and activities guaranteed to promote collaborative, learner-centered instruction. Filled with stories from teachers who use technology successfully in the classroom, this book will help you choose the right technology tools to support instructional goals and meet the individual needs of each of your visual, auditory, kinesthetic and multilingual learners. You’ll also get practical advice for revising lessons to meet the ISTE Standards for Students while boosting your confidence and tech skills.

About the Author

In her 25 years of teaching and writing, Boni Hamilton has taught all ages, from preschoolers to adults, and all types of students, including K-12, undergraduates, special education, gifted/talented and English as a second language. She previously served as the assistant director for instructional technology for Littleton Public Schools in Colorado and is currently working on a government-funded grant project to build online professional development modules to help practicing teachers work effectively with multilingual learners.