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Girls, Games, and Coding

Product code: PLS31215
Topics: Coding & robotics, Advocacy
Length: 30 min - 1 hr
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This webinar is part of the February 2015 ISTE Professional Learning Series.

Get a full range of perspectives on this important issue from practitioners, academics, parents and the girls themselves. Tune in to learn about:

  • Data on gaming and coding as it relates to females.
  • The tech and gaming industry's sudden push to bring more females into the field.
  • The benefits of gaming and coding for all students.
  • Resources and advocacy groups related to girls, gaming and coding.


Tanya Martin

Bio: Tanya Martin works for the Office of Talent Development in Broward County Schools, the division tasked with ensuring professional development standards and managing all professional learning provided in the district. A former Computer Science teacher, Tanya has continued interest in coding and was involved with the code.org initiative in Broward as well as Professional development associated with the 1:1 initiative. Tanya's background and interest in technology propelled her to get involved with machinima, blogging (grid jumper.net) , and playing MMORPGs. Tanya currently serves as the PD Chair for ISTE's Games and Simulation Network, an active network of educators who play and plan together as they advocate for innovation in teaching and learning.


Kae Novak

Bio: Kae Novak is an instructional designer and hybrid training coordinator in Colorado. She is currently a doctoral student in Educational Leadership in Equity at the University of Colorado - Denver with a concentration in Technology. She is the chair of ISTE’s Games and Simulations Network. She has created and facilitated online educational conferences and events for the past ten years. She authored articles and chapters on game based learning, online communities and pervasive games. She has won educational awards for advocacy in educational technology, game design, design in virtual worlds, professional development offerings and Machinima.


Chris Luchs

Bio: Chris Luchs is the Associate Dean of CTE for a statewide online community college consortium. He has taught accounting, agribusiness, business, management, marketing, computer science and multi-graphic design. He is a geek and spends his free time investigating new technologies and collaborating with other educators on evaluating and exploring virtual worlds and games based educational applications. His current happy place is games based learning, learner analytics, and assessment.