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Digital Storytelling: Green Screen Magic

Product code: DSN51115
Topics: Digital storytelling, Video
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Join Bernajean Porter in using the green screen "chroma key" effect to develop meaningful, immersive curriculum connections to enrich digital storytelling media products and more! Hollywood magic is now possible in classrooms with a multitude of easy-to-use video-editing tools plus apps, creating stills-on-stills, video-on-stills, and video-on-video productions. View student-created productions while exploring tools, processes and tips to launch your own green screen extravaganza, ages 5 to 95. Leave with ideas for richly crafted storytelling ideas including docudramas, interviews, tableauxs, table-top puppetry, myth-making along with re-enacting a wealth of authentic documentaries across the curriculum.


Bernajean Porter

Bio: Bernajean Porter, a digital educator from Colorado, works globally as a futurist enticing educators and their communities into new stories of possibilities. She is a seasoned professional speaker, media-maker, author, online instructor with Am. School of Bombay, workshop leader, possibilities coach, enthusiastic promoter of ANYTHING increasing joy for learners of all ages and now . . . a digital storytelling guide and renown avatar educator found teaching and learning in 3D worlds. When it comes to doing the hard or impossible things now necessary in schools to ensure all students are prepared to literally inherit the earth, Bernajean’s personal motto of “Da Um Jeitinho”- there is ALWAYS a way – let’s make IT happen together - sets the tone for her dedicated long, term work with educators.