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Innovation Age Learning

Empowering Students by Empowering Teachers
Product code: MIXMEX
ISBN: 9781564843555
Published: 2015
Topics: Coding & robotics, STEM & STEAM, Makerspaces
Length: 198 pages

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Sharon "Sam" Sakai-Miller

In Innovation Age Learning, author Sharon “Sam” Sakai-Miller shares her vision for active, constructivist-based learning, infused with innovation skills, which leads to proven student success. With this strategy, students are challenged to cultivate empathetic thinking skills in order to become innovators who can turn knowledge into effective real-world solutions.
This book is filled with concrete strategies teachers can use today to teach innovation-age skills as well as implement the Common Core standards. The ideas are organized by familiar essential skills: collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking. Using these helpful takeaways, teachers can intentionally design learning environments that

  • Foster collaboration in class, beyond class, and beyond school;
  • Promote self expression, interactive communication, and three-dimensional communication through words, data, and graphics;
  • Encourage creativity by building creative confidence, and associational thinking and empathetic thinking skills; and
  • Boost critical thinking skills by supporting the iterative learning process and building questioning and experimentation skills.

We need all teachers to take on the Innovation Age challenge if we are to ensure equitable access for all students and ending digital isolation. It’s time to bring the promise of technology to all learners through a shared technology-infused vision and professional development that encourages teacher leadership.


About the Author
Sharon “Sam” Sakai-Miller is the director of Technology Integration Services at the San Lorenzo Unified School District near Oakland, California. After teaching for more than 10 years, she served at three Bay Area County Offices of Education and as a curriculum coordinator for math, science, and instructional technology. As an educational consultant, Sakai-Miller presented in 18 states and published the MentorToGo Technology Literacy Kit for Teachers.

"If your library has books for teachers, this will be a very popular book and will circulate well if displayed. But youth services librarians will also find it useful when designing our “teachable moments” regarding children and technology." - Penny Peck, Association of Children’s Librarians of Northern California