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Mobile Learning Mindset: The Coach's Guide to Implementation

Product code: MOBLR3
ISBN: 9781564843753
Published: 2016
Topics: BYOD, Mobile learning, Technology infrastructure
Length: 136 pages

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Carl Hooker

The Mobile Learning Mindset series offers practical knowledge and strategies for successful implementation of K-12 BYOD programs and 1:1 initiatives. This six-book collection provides district leaders, principals, teachers, IT staff, educational coaches and parents with the information they need to make any mobile learning program a success.

The Coach’s Guide to Implementation shares lessons learned and provides many examples and staff development activities that will help educational coaches prepare teachers who are about to participate in a mobile device initiative or already have. The book features an interview with educational technology trainer and consultant Kathy Schrock.

Tools and activities throughout the book will help coaches:

  • Model technology use and set expectations
  • Identify stakeholders and cultivate buy-in
  • Optimize team dynamics
  • Build a culture of creativity and shared ownership


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Carl Hooker has been part of a strong educational shift with technology integration in schools since 1998. His unique blend of educational background, technical expertise, and humor make him a driving force for this change. As director of innovation and digital learning at Eanes ISD in Texas, he helped spearhead a mobile learning program that put iPads in the hands of all 8,000 students across the district. He is also the founder of “iPadpalooza,” a three-day learning festival in celebration of the shift iPads have brought about in education and beyond. Hooker was named Tech & Learning Magazine’s 2014 Leader of the Year and he is a member of the Apple Distinguished Educator class of 2013.