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Accessibility features in mobile devices – support your BYOD movement!

Product code: PLS22416
Topics: Mobile learning, Assistive and adaptive technologies
Length: 30 min - 1 hr
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This webinar is part of the February 2016 ISTE Professional Learning Series.

By law, mobile devices must include support for persons with vision, hearing, learning, physical, and motor disabilities. For example, did you know that you could set your device to read a selection of text to you? Did you know that you could limit student access to just one app? In this fast-paced, interactive session, participants will “speed date” through the accessibility features offered on iOS9 and Android-based devices.

Presented by the ISTE Teacher Education Network.


Jennifer Courduff

Bio: Dr. Jennifer Courduff is a Professor at Azusa Pacific University in the School of Education: Teacher Education. She teaches and develops courses for Azusa Pacific University's Master of Arts: Learning and Technology program. In this capacity, she works with pre- and in-service teachers in the process of deep integration of technology (including assistive technology) into learning activities. The focus of Dr. Courduff’s research is technology integration for teachers of students with disabilities. Her publications and presentations bring to light the unique technology integration challenges found in diverse learning environments. Most recently, she has developed a theory on exemplary technology integration in special education instruction. This theory extends the constructs of TPACK to more clearly define knowledge, skills, dispositions, and belief necessary for authentic technology integration to occur in special education instruction. Her theory has been applied to revision of in-service professional development assistive technology / augmentative alternative communication certificate training in the county of San Bernardino, and in pre-service coursework within the Learning and Technology Master’s at Azusa Pacific University. Dr. Courduff is dedicated to improving the preparation and ongoing support for systematic, authentic technology integration for teachers of all students. She has served as the chair of the Special Education sub-committee for ISTE TEN, and has presented similar sessions on accessibility though SIGml's lightening webinar series (January, 2013), ISTE's Mobile Learning Webinar series (December, 2013), and ISTE’s Professional Learning Series (February, 2016).