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UDL: Five Things Administrators Should Know

Product code: ILN21616
Topics: Education leadership, Assistive and adaptive technologies, Personalized learning
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Mindy Johnson, from CAST and the ISTE Inclusive Learning Network, will share the top five ideas administrators need to know about Universal Design for Learning (UDL).

Mindy Johnson participates in the formative development and research of technology-based universally designed learning environments and websites. She also provides knowledge and expertise in the use of social media, collaborative tools and a strong interest in gaming and gamification in educational contexts.


Mindy Johnson

Bio: Mindy Johnson is the Director of Digital Communication & Outreach at CAST, the non-profit organization that founded and continues to develop the concept, framework, and guidelines for Universal Design for Learning. She is a former high school special educator and Boston Museum of Science Overnight Program instructor, providing insight into UDL implementation in informal learning environments. She is also one of the co-founders of #UDLchat on Twitter and coordinates the social media activities for CAST. Mindy is the 2019-2020 president of ISTE’s Inclusive Learning Network and was part of the Technical Working Group for the development of the ISTE Standards for Educators.