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Reward Learning with Badges

Spark Student Achievement
Product code: BADGES
ISBN: 9781564843821
Published: 2016
Topics: Assessment, Personalized learning, Gamification
Length: 106 pages

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Brad Flickinger

As an elementary technology teacher, author Brad Flickinger observed that his students had little motivation to use the devices surrounding them for anything other than gameplay and entertainment. His solution was to rethink his teaching, adding elements of gamification, challenge-based learning, design thinking and other approaches to learning. With this, the badge system was born. By incorporating badges, students are motivated by using the familiar challenges of gameplay as they earn visual indicators of progress and complete challenges. At the same time, they are mastering skills and progressing academically.

In this book, teachers of all subjects and grade levels will learn why badges work and the secrets to designing challenges that enable students to fully engage with and take control of their own learning. This book will get you thinking differently about motivation and achievement and will prepare you to embark on your own badging initiative.

The book includes:

  • Step-by-step planning advice
  • Tips on implementation and technology
  • Support from examples and success stories


About the Author

Brad Flickinger is a self-proclaimed geek and maker who puts his passion to work as a technology director and technology teacher. In 2012, Flickinger received the Leadership Award from Edtech Digest for his blog . He currently lives in Panama City, Panama, and spends his summers traveling as an edtech speaker at conferences, attending district meetings and consulting to help schools and districts with technology initiatives.