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Learning First, Technology Second

The Educator’s Guide to Designing Authentic Lessons
Product code: ENGAGE
ISBN: 9781564843890
Published: 2017
Topics: Curriculum, Assessment, Standards, Professional learning
Length: 220 pages

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By Liz Kolb

Learning with technology doesn’t happen because a specific tool “revolutionizes” education. It happens when proven teaching strategies intersect with technology tools, and yet it’s not uncommon for teachers to use a tool because it’s “fun” or because the developer promises it will help students learn.

Learning First, Technology Second offers teachers the professional learning they need to move from arbitrary uses of technology in their classrooms to thoughtful ways of adding value to student learning.

This book includes:  

An introduction to the Triple E Framework that helps teachers engage students in time-on-task learning, enhance learning experiences beyond traditional means and extend learning opportunities to bridge classroom learning with students’ everyday lives.
Effective strategies for using technology to create authentic learning experiences for their students.
Case studies to guide appropriate tech integration.
A lesson planning template to show teachers how to effectively frame technology choices and apply them in instruction.

The companion jump start guide based on this book is Engage, Enhance, Extend: Start Creating Authentic Lessons With the Triple E Framework.

About the Author

Liz Kolb is a clinical assistant professor at the University of Michigan. She is the author of several books, including Cell Phones in the Classroom and Help Your Child Learn with Cell Phones and Web 2.0. Kolb has been a featured and keynote speaker at conferences throughout the U.S. and Canada. She is the creator of the Triple E Framework for effective teaching with digital technologies, and she blogs at

Media Reviews

Kolb’s Triple E Framework is an excellent tool for helping teachers focus on using technology to support learning and not just using technology for its own sake. She provides a highly beneficial collection of case studies as well as practical suggestions for how her framework could look across all different grade levels and subject areas. For anyone interested in thinking more about how technology can be used to support learning, I absolutely recommend this book. —Michael Karlin, EdTech Roundup

If you are a district implementing a 1:1 program ... do yourself a favor. Have your leaders read this book. Research-based, common sense, practical and instantly useful. —The Lighting of a Fire blog

[Kolb] was putting into words so many things I witnessed and felt as I worked in dozens of classrooms over the past five years. What I love about her work is that it's clear, practical and backed by research. — Mike Petty

…the Triple E Framework is the first concrete "tool" to help a specific teacher think through the role of specific technology in their specific classroom. — Cathie Norris, Elliot Soloway