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Connected Librarians

Tap Social Media to Enhance Professional Development and Student Learning
Product code: SOCLIB
ISBN: 9781564843920
Expected publication date: 11/2017
Topics: Digital citizenship, Video, Gamification, Professional learning, Tools, Literacies, Gaming
Length: 154 pages

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By Nikki D Robertson

Once taboo in schools, the use of social media has become essential, providing schools with opportunities for outreach, advocacy and more. Today, it’s often the responsibility of librarians to model the proper use of social media for students.

Connected Librarians: Tap Social Media to Enhance Professional Development and Student Learning offers insights into the opportunities and obstacles of this exciting but sometimes challenging topic, including practical ideas for making the most of social media in your school library.

This informative guide is the professional development librarians need to understand how to effectively use social media to improve student learning.

This book will: 

Demonstrate how to model responsible social media use to manage issues of privacy and anonymity within social media sites and apps.
Provide tips on teaching digital citizenship, such as using a learning management system to create a safe environment for students to hone digital communication skills.
Show how to leverage social media tools to encourage reading and writing through rating and reviewing books, creating fan fiction and more.
Demonstrate how to use social media as a powerful tool to build your own professional learning network.

About the Author

Nikki D Robertson is a veteran educator, school librarian, instructional technology facilitator and president-elect of the ISTE Librarians Network. She's passionate about 1:1 digital initiatives, collaborating with other education professionals and helping students become informed, critically thinking digital citizens. Robertson is the recipient of several honors, including an Alabama School Library Association Ann Marie Pipkin Technology Award and the American Association of School Librarians Bound to Stay Bound Grant.