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ISTE Standards for Educators

A Guide for Teachers and Other Professionals
Product code: STANTE
ISBN: 9781564843951
Published: 2017
Topics: Education leadership, Project-based learning, Digital citizenship, Standards, Essential Conditions
Length: 60 pages

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Helen Crompton

This guide is your go-to resource for understanding, preparing for and adopting the ISTE Standards for Educators. It provides a deeper look at the Educator Standards, advice on getting started with implementing the standards, and profiles and tips for adopting the standards by role.

This booklet includes:

  • The ISTE Standards for Educators with concept definitions and testimonials.
  • Analysis of how the Educator Standards connect to other standards and frameworks.
  • Reflective questions and tips for implementing specific competencies within the standards.
  • Profiles by job role identifying tips and approaches to adopting the standards.


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