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Education Reimagined

Leading Systemwide Change with the ISTE Standards
Product code: ADSTAN
ISBN: 9781564846891
Published: 2018
Topics: Standards, Essential Conditions
Length: 44 pages

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By Helen Crompton

Educational leaders play a central role in developing a culture of change and providing the conditions for innovation in schools, and that role varies by job title. District leaders make changes across multiple schools, principals lead change across their schools and teacher leaders guide change within and across grade levels. But no matter the role, a framework that identifies the knowledge and behaviors required for leaders to make student learning possible and for teachers to be empowered is a necessity.

The ISTE Standards for Education Leaders offer a concrete framework to help leaders set goals and provide a vision for transformative systems change within educational institutions. The ISTE Standards for Educators and the ISTE Standards for Students are also used by leaders to provide holistic change with a shared vision and direction for all. Education Reimagined provides aspiring and established leaders an on-ramp for using the ISTE Standards to guide change in their educational systems.

This booklet contains:

  • Examples showing how those in specific leadership roles can use the ISTE Standards in their work.
  • Reflection questions applicable to all leadership roles.
  • Vignettes demonstrating how a variety of leaders in a diverse range of schools have embraced the ISTE Standards for Education Leaders.
  • Explanation of other frameworks and standards that connect with and complement the ISTE Standards for Education Leaders.
  • A crosswalk between the ISTE Essential Conditions and the ISTE Standards for Education Leaders.