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Building a K-12 STEM Lab

A Step-by-Step Guide for School Leaders and Tech Coaches
Product code: STEMLB
ISBN: 9781564847003
Published: 2018
Topics: STEM & STEAM, Robotics, Makerspaces, Learning spaces, Technology infrastructure, Parent engagement, Education leadership
Length: 152 pages

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By Deborah Kantor Nagler and Martha Osei-Yaw

Few resources are available for district and school leaders looking to establish successful STEM labs. Frequently, efforts do not gain traction because they lack a systemic approach and the support of a broad spectrum of stakeholders within the school community. Unlike other books, Building a K-12 STEM Lab addresses this challenge from the perspective of the leader, identifying opportunities for capacity building and ensuring equal access and equity for all students.

This book will:

  • Address key issues in building a STEM Lab, including budgetary constraints, space limitations, technology design and resources, and inclusivity.
  • Provide step-by-step guidelines designed to meet the diverse needs of a wide range of educational environments.
  • Include vignettes describing the experiences of a variety of schools – public, private, rural, urban – at different levels – elementary, middle school, and high school – that have successfully established STEM labs in their schools.


The comprehensive and flexible approach outlined in this book will help school and district leaders develop productive community partnerships in support of STEM education within the STEM lab and throughout the school.

About the Authors
Deborah Nagler is an adjunct professor of Educational Technology at New Jersey City University. She holds an MS in Education Media Design & Technology from Full Sail University and an EdD in Educational Technology Leadership from New Jersey City University, where her research focused on women's participation in makerspaces. She is an Instructional Designer, a highly experienced trainer, and an explorer of new media and technology, promoting entrepreneurship and invention coupled with positive values.
Dr. Martha Osei-Yaw serves as the principal of Alexander D. Sullivan Elementary School, a bilingual STEM model school. Osei-Yaw is also an adjunct professor at New Jersey City University whereby she introduces future educators to innovative ways of integrating technology into the curriculum. Osei-Yaw’s professional aspiration is to encourage girls and underrepresented students to pursue careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).