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Integrating Technology in the Classroom, 2nd Edition

Tools to Meet the Needs of Every Student
Product code: DIGEL2
ISBN: 9781564847256
Published: 2018
Topics: Assistive and adaptive technologies, Robotics, Personalized learning, Curriculum, Coding & robotics, Augmented reality, Professional learning, Tools, Technology infrastructure
Length: 296 pages

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By Boni Hamilton

Teachers possess unique skills, knowledge and experience. So why should their approaches to classroom technology look the same? In this new edition of the popular book Integrating Technology in the Classroom, author Boni Hamilton helps you discover technology tools and projects that resonate with your teaching style, classroom context and technology skill level all while helping students achieve academic growth. In this book, you’ll discover new and immediately applicable tools and practices to support collaborative, student-centered learning.
In this new edition, you’ll find:

  • Coverage of programming, game creation, and augmented and virtual reality
  • Stories of teachers who have successfully employed technology in the classroom, with more examples from secondary-level teachers, including visual learning preferences and kinesthetic/tactile learning.
  • Deeper explanation of how to leverage technology to meet multilingual needs.
  • A new chapter on leveraging technology to meet adaptive needs, including examples from teachers who use adaptive technologies in regular classrooms.
  • Strategies that address efficiency needs of teachers, to help make administrative tasks less onerous, and coverage of learning management systems, formative assessment sites, and planning tools.
  • Professional development coverage that includes information on ISTE offerings, social media, and other supports. 


Explore how technology tools can support your instructional goals and help you meet the individual needs of all learners.
About the Author
Boni Hamilton has taught all ages, from preschoolers to adults, including PreK-12, undergraduates, and night school adults. In addition to teaching secondary Language Arts in standard classrooms, she has taught learners in special education, gifted/talented, and English as a second language programs. She co-taught in a computer lab with twenty-two elementary classroom teachers and held both school-level and district administrative positions. Boni now holds two doctorates in education: an EdD from the University of Northern Colorado and a PhD from the University of Colorado Denver. Her second dissertation project explored the use of digital devices in elementary classrooms at town and rural schools.