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What IS Merge Cube and How Can I Use It?

Product code: EWS101018

Length: 30 min - 1 hr
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This is an ISTE Expert Webinar recording from October 10, 2018.

Learn all about the Merge Cube and Miniverse.io as we discuss WHAT Merge Cube is and showcase the many apps that work with it. Attendees will get practical ways to implement Merge Cube's AR/VR in the classroom, including links to lesson plans and suggestions for use.

This webinar is presented by Mary Howard of the ISTE Virtual Environments Network.


Mary Howard

Bio: As a sixth grade teacher at Veronica E. Connor Middle School I teach ELA and Social Studies and am an ABSOLUTE technophile! I can often be caught buried in Edmodo, Augmented Reality, Twitter, OpenSim platforms, awesome apps, Web 2.0 tools or simply chasing a tech rabbit down a hole in an attempt to learn some new and exciting way to integrate technology into my classroom. I have presented at many conferences and district technology development days including: NYSCATE, Digital Wave, CIT, NETT, NYSSMA, NFRA I have also been privileged to participate in some excellent technology grants including CSLO projects and EETT through Erie 1 Boces. In 2013, my article on integrating technology with the socratic seminar was published in the In Transitions magazine. In 2014 I was selected as the NYSCATE Lee M. Bryant Outstanding Technology Teacher of the year. Just recently my Heir of the King - Epic Adventures was published in AMLE Magazine. Many of my technology musings, recommendations and experiences are illustrated in my blog: yoursmarticles.blogspot.com.