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Stretch Yourself! A Personalized Journey to Deepen Your Teaching Practice

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Length: 30 min - 1 hr
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This is an ISTE Expert Webinar recording from October 30, 2018.

This webinar is for young or new educators and educators who want to reflect and stretch themselves. The session will relate to the upcoming book "Stretch Yourself! A Personalized Journey to Deepen Your Teaching Practice" by Caitlin McLemore and Fanny Passeport, and will take the audience through different exercises to think about leadership, vision, accountability and drive.

This webinar is presented by Fanny Passeport and Caitlin McLemore of the ISTE Young Educator Input Group.


Fanny Passeport

Bio: My name is Fanny Passeport. I am an innovator and a risk-taker with a thirst for learning and sharing. I have lived in India for 8 years but I am originally from France. I have many interests such as creating interactive paintings and tinkering with anything and everything. I am a positive person and a full time influencer! As the current Director of Learning & Curriculum at the Anglo-American School of Sofia in Bulgaria, I spend time meeting with students and faculty, listening to them and asking them questions, pushing their thinking and challenging them to dare greatly. I am passionate about empowering learners and leaders and asking thought-provoking questions to constantly strive for excellence.


Caitlin McLemore

Bio: Caitlin McLemore is an award-winning educational technology coach, author, and consultant who works with students and teachers at all levels to ensure meaningful technology integration and to create and implement transformative learning experiences. Caitlin has worked at several independent schools, including Shorecrest Preparatory School, Harpeth Hall, and Currey Ingram Academy. Caitlin earned an Ed.D. through Johns Hopkins University with a specialization in Technology Integration in K-16 Education. She also completed a B.A. in Elementary Education and M.Ed. in Elementary Education/Educational Technology, both at the University of Florida. Caitlin is a Google Certified Innovator and Trainer. Caitlin was named an ISTE Emerging Leader in 2017 and the ISTE Outstanding Young Educator in 2018. She is also the co-author of the ISTE-published book Stretch Yourself: A Personalized Journey to Deepen Your Teaching Practice.