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Sketchnoting in the Classroom

A Practical Guide to Deepen Student Learning
Product code: SKETCH
ISBN: 9781564847775
Published: 2019
Expected publication date: 06/2019
Topics: Tools, Personalized learning, Curriculum, Assessment
Length: 176 pages

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By Nichole Carter

In Sketchnoting in the Classroom, author Nichole Carter shows how sketchnotes can help students retain new material, develop skills to articulate empathy and build connections to larger concepts. The book includes strategies for helping students feel successful in the process, for example, asking them what their brain is telling them, asking how they learn best and encouraging the process through specific note-taking strategies.

The book includes:

  • Analysis of the brain science behind sketchnoting, including teaching students how to identify patterns and apply them effectively in their sketchnotes.
  • Lesson ideas for sketchnoting across content areas, including science, social studies, English language arts and math.
  • Tools and resources for both analog and digital sketchnoting techniques.
  • Tips for using sketchnotes for professional development, including at conferences and at department or staff meetings.
  • Examples from a variety of teachers with experience using sketchnotes in their classes.

This book makes sketchnotes more accessible to all teachers and helps both teachers and students feel confident in visual note taking.

About the Author

Nichole Carter has been a middle school classroom teacher for 11 years, teaching both honors and regular English language arts. For four years, she used the flipped classroom model with over 150 students in a blended learning environment in a 1:1 iPad school. She was named a 2015 PBS Digital Innovator and a 2015 Schoology ambassador. Carter has presented nationally for AMLE, Schoology, Title 1 and ISTE. She’s currently an innovation strategist for the Beaverton School District in Oregon.