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Rev Up Robotics

Real-World Computational Thinking in the K–8 Classroom
Product code: ROBTCS
ISBN: 9781564848178
Published: 2020
Topics: Standards, Computational thinking, STEM & STEAM, Tools, Project-based learning, Coding & robotics, Robotics
Length: 184 pages

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By Jorge Valenzuela

Listen to the author describe the book on the STEM Everyday Podcast with Chris Woods.

Author Jorge Valenzuela lays out the foundational skills of computational thinking required for programming with robotics.

Unlike other robotics books and curriculum, Rev Up Robotics takes a cross-curricular approach, showing educators how to begin incorporating robotics into their content area lessons and in conjunction with other subjects.

You’ll get an overview of standards-based skills that can be covered in English language arts, math, science, social studies and robotics electives. Teachers also get tips for selecting the robot that works for them and for students, and details on the functions of gears, motors and sensors. Also included is a deep dive into more advanced topics like the intersections of computer science, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering with robotics. Finally, you’ll find advice for getting students involved with competitive robotics, and case studies that offer empirical evidence for using robotics successfully in instruction.

The book:
• Shows how to help students recognize and apply the four elements of computational thinking to familiar situations.
• Provides a pathway from working with visual blocks to programming in C++.
• Discusses building and programming robots, with tips for adding your own code and troubleshooting.
• Demonstrates how to manipulate basic movement to better understand the functions of gears, motors and sensors.
With activities and examples for grade levels K-8, teachers come away with easy-to-implement cross-curricular ideas to engage students in computer science and engineering activities.

About the Author

Jorge Valenzuela is the lead educational coach at Lifelong Learning Defined and a teacher at Old Dominion University. Additionally, he is a national faculty of PBLWorks and a lead educator for littleBits. Jorge is the 2018 and 2019 awardee of ISTE’s Computer Science Excellence Award and ISTE’s STEM Excellence Award. He is also the recipient of the 2018 Lynn Barrier Engineering Leadership Award for his contributions to STEM education in the Commonwealth of Virginia and a 2017 Emerging Leader honoree for the International Technology and Engineering Educators Association. In the 2019-2020 school year, Jorge has joined the Empowered Learner magazine advisory panel for ISTE and was recently appointed by the Governor of Virginia to the Virginia STEM Education Commission.