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The Perfect Blend

A Practical Guide to Designing Student-Centered Learning Experiences
Product code: BLENDE
ISBN: 9781564848451
Published: 2020
Topics: Personalized learning, Online learning, Curriculum
Length: 176 pages

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By Michele Eaton

Learn how to redesign lessons with technology to individualize and personalize instruction, transforming what learning looks like for your students.

Many blended learning initiatives start from the top down and are designed for specific populations or make drastic changes to a school’s learning structure. But any K-12 classroom teacher can find ways to leverage blended learning, regardless of the constructs of their learning environment. All they need is a willingness to rethink their role — moving from content deliverer to architect of learning.

In The Perfect Blend, you’ll learn how to create a “homemade recipe” for effective blended learning for your students. Rather than focusing on finding and implementing a specific established model, author Michele Eaton shows teachers how to embrace the flexibility of blended learning to take an active role as a designer of learning and, in the process, help students become advocates for their education.

This book:

• Provides an accessible resource for teachers beginning to use technology, as well as master blended teachers who are looking for new ideas or strategies.
• Includes templates and planning tools that can be used as is or modified to fit the needs of your students.
• Focuses on understanding and reflecting on your role as a designer of learning experiences, and creating and using digital content in the classroom.

You’ll gain practical skills, strategies and lesson ideas for various types of blended learning thanks to examples from real classrooms and educators. Along the way, you’ll discover how to build on the skills you already have to support blended learning.

About the Author

Michele Eaton is the director of virtual and blended learning for the MSD of Wayne Township in Indianapolis, Indiana. She focuses on staff and course development for Achieve Virtual Education Academy and the district’s various blended initiatives and programs, from elementary to adult education. Eaton is a Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) Certified Education Technology Leader (CETL) and 2016 Next Generation Leader, 2018 EdWeek Leader to Learn From, president-elect of the ISTE Online Learning Network, conference chair for Indiana Connected Educators (an ISTE affiliate), member of the EdTech Heroes and moderator for the #INeLearn chat.