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Immerse Yourself

Create Engaging AR/VR Experiences for All Learners
Product code: AUGJSG
ISBN: 9781564848307
Published: 2020
Topics: Tools, Personalized learning, Augmented reality
Length: 6 pages

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By Jaime Donally

Learn how to leverage immersive technology — AR, VR and MR — with this practical and accessible guide.
Based on the bestselling book Learning Transported by Jaime Donally, this laminated reference guide provides practical insights and examples to help any classroom teacher incorporate immersive tech into curriculum.
The guide includes:
• Definitions and examples of augmented, virtual and mixed reality.
• Comparison of devices and platforms, and tips for selecting the best one.
• Lesson ideas for using immersive technology tools in the classroom.
• An overview of how immersive technology can help build skills associated with the ISTE Standards for Students. 
(ISTE Jump Start Guide, 8.5" x 11", three laminated panels, six pages)

About the Author
A former PK-8 math teacher turned technology integration specialist, Jaime Donally has spent more than a decade at the classroom and district levels thinking about how educators can practically use augmented, virtual and mixed realities. In her current role as an independent education consultant, she provides professional development on immersive technology to districts and at conferences. She also runs a weekly Twitter chat about AR and VR education. Donally is the author of Learning Transported, which aims to tackle the fears and hurdles of immersive reality integration, and get teachers on board with successful implementation.