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Transform Learning Through Technology

A Guide to the ISTE Standards for Coaches
Product code: COACHR
ISBN: 9781564848543
Expected publication date: 03/2020
Topics: Technology infrastructure, Standards, Tools
Length: 46 pages

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By Helen Crompton

The role of the technology coach in education is constantly evolving and encompasses several elements — from establishing relationships with educators to improve learning outcomes to inspiring educators to use technology to ensure access to high-quality learning; from supporting educators to design learning experiences that meet the needs of all students to modeling digital citizenship and supporting educators and students in how to interact in a digital world.

This guide to the ISTE Standards for Coaches will help define the arole of the coach; show how it relates to the roles addressed in the ISTE Standards for Students, Educators and Education Leaders; share information from research and the learning sciences relating to coaching cycles and methodologies; and present scenarios from coaches in diverse situations and with varied backgrounds.
The guide focuses on:
• The role of educational technology coaches to transform learning, teaching and leading with technology.
• The coach as a key touchstone for change agency in the system to influence up, out and down.
• Professionalizing the coaching role, bringing coherence to how coaches relate to other educators and vice versa.
• Working with educators to ensure that technology is integrated in a meaningful way to promote the development of knowledge and skills.