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Distance Learning for Elementary STEM

Creative Projects for Teachers and Families
Product code: ELSTEM
ISBN: 9781564848710
Expected publication date: 11/2020
Topics: Parent engagement, STEM & STEAM, Project-based learning, Online learning, Standards
Length: 150 pages
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By Amanda Thomas

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This practical guide outlines a vision for online and distance STEM learning at the elementary level, with creative activities based on eight STEM themes.

Online and distance learning may sound fairly straightforward. Instead of learning in a classroom setting, students learn at home with the assistance of online resources. But classroom learning does not always translate easily to online settings, particularly at the elementary level where children should be actively engaging in activities, exploration and discussion.

For STEM subjects, integration across subjects, settings and play-based versus traditional learning present opportunities for young learners to engage in age-appropriate online and distance learning. This book features eight creative, integrated STEM lessons, including ideas for designing a zoo, learning to garden, exploring the night sky and more. Each lesson offers online, traditional and hands-on components, with connections to the ISTE Standards and STEM standards across elementary grades.

Each of the eight lessons includes:

• An overview of materials, resources, time and supervision needed.
• Suggested resources to explore, such as simulations and virtual field trips.
• Supplementary learning materials such as questions and quizzes.
• Ideas for games and reinforcement.
• Hands-on activities and engineering design challenges.
• Connections to various content areas as well as children’s books, movies and art to keep the learning going after the lesson is completed. 

Concluding with a model for designing online and distance STEM learning for elementary-aged children, this book will support teachers and parents in designing the types of resources and learning experiences they need for elementary students’ distance learning.

About the Author

Amanda Thomas , Ph.D., is an assistant professor of mathematics education in the Department of Teaching, Learning and Teacher Education at University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She received her doctoral degree in 2013 from the University of Missouri-Columbia. Her research focuses on teachers’ use of mobile technology in elementary mathematics classrooms. She’s also interested in STEM education and supporting teachers in innovative STEM integration. She is the author of Transform Your K-5 Math Class and Transform Your 6-12 Math Class (ISTE, 2020).