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Security vs. Access

Balancing Safety and Productivity in the Digital School
Product code: SECURE
ISBN: 9781564842640
Published: 2010
Topics: Digital citizenship, Technology infrastructure
Audience: Educators(K–12), teacher educators, IT staff, administrators, policy makers
Media type: Paper
Length: 132 Pages

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LeAnne K. Robinson, Abbie H. Brown, and Tim D. Green


  "A strongly recommended read for any school administrator in charge of the school's technology resources, "Security vs. Access" is a valuable and much needed discussion." —Midwest Book Review

"Better safe than sorry" isn't always as simple as it sounds. Security threats from the Internet and other technologies are very real, and schools have an obligation to keep their students, staff, and property safe, but implementing drastic security measures can often create an environment of fear and significantly reduce teachers' ability to provide students with a high-quality education. Overly cautious security measures often have unintended consequences. Disabling USB ports may prevent data theft, but it also inhibits collaboration. Strict copyright guidelines can prevent lawsuits but may also preclude teachers from legally using digital video that enhances a lesson or helps a student grasp an otherwise elusive concept.

Security vs. Access emphasizes the importance of balance in creating school environments that are safe and productive. The book provides educators, administrators, and IT staff the information they need to have constructive conversations about security challenges while still making sure students receive an effective, technology-infused education. The authors examine security issues, including access to inappropriate content, network security, and identity theft. They discuss common responses and provide realistic recommendations that address both safety and access. Educators will find this book invaluable as they engage in a critical dialogue with all stakeholders, promoting knowledge, education, and communication over security responses that stifle teaching and learning.

About the Authors

LeAnne K. Robinson (Leanne., a former classroom and special education teacher, has authored a number of books and journal articles on educational technology. Robinson is an associate professor in the Department of Special Education and Program in Instructional Technology at Woodring College of Education, Western Washington University. She received her PhD in education from Washington State University.

Abbie H. Brown ( is an associate professor specializing in instructional design and technology at East Carolina University in the College of Education’s Department of Mathematics, Science, and Instructional Technology Education. An awardwinning teacher, he helps educators in K–12, college, government, and corporate settings understand andapply the instructional design process. Dr.Brown is the editor-in-chief of the journal TechTrends. You are invited to visit and view a short movie about his Second Life office hours.

Tim D. Green (timdgreen@gmail. com), an author of ed tech books and a former elementary and middle school teacher, is currently an associate professor at California State University, Fullerton. Green conducts research on online teaching and learning, 1-to-1 computing, and integrating technology into teaching and learning processes. Dr. Green was formerly the director of distance education for California State University, Fullerton. You are welcome to visit