Essential Conditions

Equitable access

Robust and reliable access to current and emerging technologies and digital resources, with connectivity for all students, including those with special needs, teachers, staff and school leaders

What is it?

To bridge socioeconomic gaps and truly support digital learning for all students, an initiative must ensure sufficient bandwidth and connection speeds to allow learning and teaching to occur anytime, with limited interruptions resulting from infrastructure problems. But equitable access means more than simply providing devices and connectivity. It also means giving every student the opportunity to learn from teachers who understand how to use technology to both enhance learning and create quality learning experiences for students with special needs.

Why is it important?

Technology offers the potential to improve education for disadvantaged students, regardless of at-home availability — but only if all students are able to fully participate. When planning for technology implementation, it’s imperative to consider not only the number of technology devices you need but also how you can leverage available digital resources to meet learning and teaching goals.

Technology has proven particularly effective for meeting the needs of students with special needs. The ISTE Standards require teachers to have access to both the tools and the skills to support this population.

What does it look like?

As part of any systemwide technology plan, leaders should develop a strong foundation of policies addressing the various elements needed for equal access. These policies should:
  • Ensure individuals know how to access the technology
  • Outline where to go for help getting access
  • Be flexible enough to accommodate diverse learners and instructional needs

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