Essential Conditions

Shared Vision

Proactive leadership in developing a shared vision for educational technology among all education stakeholders, including teachers and support staff, school and district administrators, teacher educators, students, parents, and the community

What is it?

A shared vision serves as the driving force behind a technology implementation plan — but it’s not formulated and disseminated from the top down. Rather, a shared vision arises from the collaborative voices, goals and values of the educators, support staff, students, parents and community members within the system. All stakeholders provide input for the vision and understand how it impacts them and how to apply it within their individual roles.

Why is it important?

Effective technology implementation requires a clear vision of where the organization is headed and what it will take to get there. A shared vision becomes the paddle the organization uses to steer toward the future. When a system is guided by a clearly defined vision and leaders actively collect, incorporate and share input from stakeholders at all levels, a community of understanding and collaboration develops to propel the organization forward in its mission.

What does it look like?

In a standards-ready system, leaders use the following process to establish a shared vision for the organization:

  • Define a system-wide vision.
  • Identify all stakeholders.
  • Create a plan for communicating with stakeholders about the vision.
  • Allow stakeholders to provide input about the vision and plan.
  • Ensure all stakeholders are able to define the vision and understand how it applies to them in their roles.
  • Develop multiple vehicles for communicating the vision (graphics, images, posters, messaging, etc.).
  • Leaders can conduct a simple poll to measure the effectiveness of a shared vision: How many people within the organization can explain what the vision is?

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